SSCC Green

At SSCC Sustainability is a must. As a manufacturing company SSCC is aware of the impact that the construction industry and how natural disasters can lead to an increase consumption of natural resources, that’s why SSCC offers sustainable, efficient and safe way to built that will last for a very long time.

The SSCC Panel System for walls, floors and roofs offer versatility, high energy efficiency while providing architecturally pleasing, and environmentally friendly spaces that will endure the most extreme conditions. Also we encourage the use of our recycled EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) SSCC panels to our clients, to reduce the consumption of virgin material a thus contributing to the conservation of our environment and also allowing credit gain for their green projects.

Where typically 10% to 30% of waste is produced at the jobsite using most building materials, SSCC Panels are delivery to the job site cut-to-size according to the field dimensions, making sure that even the waste produced while cutting the EPS at our manufacturing plant get recycled and used as new panels or raw material for lightweight concrete.

SSCC is committed to continually improve and develop new products according to the new environment requirements, energy conservation and sustainable construction.