SSCC Products

SSCC Panel System

The SSCC patented insulated panel system is the most versatile insulated concrete formwork system on the market, allowing design diversity to the building industry of walls, floors and roofs of reinforced concrete. 

The SSCC patented insulated panel system along with the reinforced concrete provides an easy, efficient and sustainable building solution. Our systems are designed to meet all the United States and international code requirements for wind, earthquake and fires, providing an economically efficient and safe structure.

SSCC Wall System

The SSCC Wall Panel System is a new innovative method that complements and constitutes a perfect match for the insulated floor and roof concrete structure. The SSCC wall panel system is an energy efficient (Up to R-Value = 45), safe (200+ mph), affordable, quick and easy way to built.

The SSCC Wall Panel System provides very high impact ratings in the most demanding environments as tornadoes prone areas. The integration of the SSCC panel system with a cast-in-place concrete floor and/or concrete roof system provides very strong monolithic connection thus creating a virtually disaster proof structure.

SSCC Floor System

The insulated SSCC floor panels offer an efficient floor building system for residential and commercial applications. The insulated panel system provides an easy / clean installation process, allowing the builder to install more than 4,000 square feet of flat panels with just two men in half a day.

SSCC floor system can achieve spans up to 40 feet with 4" reinforced concrete slab with large live loadst. Our panel system consist in a series of panels that create a monolithic and composite action with the reinforced concrete slab, providing substantial structural capability to achieve large spans.

Key benefits:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • Concrete monolithic construction
  • No crane required for installation
  • Reduced shoring equipment
  • Excellent sound attenuation properties

  • SSCC Roof System

    The insulated SSCC Roof Panel System is the most popular and known of our products and has been used in South Florida since 1996 after Hurricane Andrew due to its maximum strength against the most several wind forces such hurricanes and tornadoes.

    High R-Values (up to R-45) can be achieved using the SSCC Roof Panel System, offering high efficiency on the most demanding requirements.

    Key benefits:

  • High Energy efficiency (R-values up to R-45 o more upon request)
  • Ultimate resistance against hurricanes and tornadoes.
  • No limitation on design shape and slope
  • Open interior structure for any type of interior finish and shape.
  • Numerous exterior finishes capabilities
  • No termites

  • SSCC Housing System

    The SSCC Housing System is the latest combination of walls, roofs and floors panel system to provide thermal resistance for ultimate energy performance while providing a truly safe reinforced concrete structure against natural disaster such as hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

    SSCC offers several affordable basic models from 100 sq.ft (emergency solutions) to permanent housing models ranging from 350 sq. ft to 1300 sq.ft in different configurations as individual homes, duplexes and buildings.